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The Gbetiokun field is Eland’s first greenfield development

The Gbetiokun field came onstream in July 2019

First production from the Gbetiokun oilfield was achieved via the early production facility ("EPF") at the OML 40 licence. The EPF will process all reservoir fluids produced under the initial phase of the Gbetiokun development. In September 2019 the Company completed the drilling phase of the Gbetiokun-4 development well. Following completion of the Gbetiokun-4 well the OES Teamwork rig will commence operations on the Gbetiokun-5 development well.

The Gbetiokun field is located in the southeast of OML 40 and was discovered in 1987 before being appraised by three wells in 1990 and 1991. The data indicates a relatively simple dip-closed structure containing 19 oil-bearing reservoirs at depths between 5,000 and 10,000 feet.

  • The reservoirs can be divided into two groups:
    The deep reservoirs (D9.0, D9.1, and E
    sands), which constitute a high proportion
    of total field STOIIP and contain light,
    under-saturated oil and which, except for
    well performance and drive mechanism,
    are reasonably well defined.
  • The shallow reservoirs (D5.0 and D7.3) are
    currently less well defined and require
    further appraisal before the development
    plan for these reservoirs can be finalised.

Although small in areal extent, the multiple reservoirs result in a high volume of oil initially in place (OIIP) with NSAI CPR* estimates between 103 mmstb (1P) – 114 mmstb (2P) – 130 mmstb (3P) gross.


The development is envisaged in two phases; Phase 1 will address production from the deep reservoirs whilst providing additional appraisal information on the shallow reservoirs; Phase 2 will cover production from the shallow reservoirs.

The Field Development Plan focuses on the development of the deeper reservoirs and envisages the re-entry and completion of the Gbetiokun-1 discovery well and the drilling of the first development well Gbetiokun-3.  These well activities were started in Q3 2018 and the Gbetiokun-3 well was completed in Q1 2019.

Following the completion of operations on the Gbetiokun-1 and Gbetiokun-3 wells, up to a further five Phase 1 wells are planned: two in 2019 and three in 2020. A new dedicated pipeline will be installed to link up with the Forcados export system.

NSAI CPR* assessment of gross reserves is 21.5 mmstb (1P) – 38.1 mmstb (2P) – 53.9 mmstb (3P), with 2.6 mmstb of gross 2C contingent resources in shallow reservoirs and best estimate prospective resources of 25.3 mmstb.

*Source: Netherland Sewell & Associates Competent Person's Report of December 2018

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