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The Abiala-1 well is located in the north east of OML 40. It was drilled in 1989 and discovered oil and gas in multiple reservoirs between 6,900 and 11,000 feet depth.

Type: Contingent resource

Discovered: 1989

Gross 2C: 16.1 mmbbls (Abiala North: 2.0 mmbbls, Abiala South: 14.1 mmbbls)

Location: OML 40 North East

Reservoir Depth: 6,800–11,000ft

Distance from Opuama Flowstation: 24km to the NE

The Abiala discovery is an obvious candidate for appraisal and development once production from the Gbetiokun field has commenced. There are a number of undrilled structures in the Abiala area which provide the potential for follow-on exploration and appraisal drilling.

Reservoir characteristics

Total hydrocarbon intervals identified in the well are five in Abiala North and ten in Abiala South.


Abiala has significant near-field potential which will need to be appraised. Future development wells will be designed to capture all the reservoirs within a particular fault block, and pilot holes will be drilled and plugged back as a cheap and efficient way of exploring the near-field prospective upside.


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