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Dudu Town East

Dudu Town East

Another attractive prospect in OML 40 is Dudu Town East. It lies immediately to the west of, and is similar in structural style to Gbetiokun.

Type: Prospective resource

Gross best estimate: 10.5 mmbbls (CPR)

Gross high estimate: 19.4 mmbbls (CPR)

Location: OML 40 East

Reservoir Depth: 4800–11,000 ft

Distance from Opuama Flowstation: 22km

Eland currently assesses gross unrisked prospective resources in Dudu Town East to be 28 MMstb (best estimate) and this prospect is an obvious candidate for exploration drilling once Gbetiokun is brought into production.

Proximity to Gbetiokun

The Dudu Town East prospect is located only 6 kilometres to the west of the Gbetiokun-1 discovery and is within the same fault panel.

The majority of resources are considered to be at relatively shallow depths in the range 4800 to 8000 feet. At these levels the Dudu Town East structure is a faulted roll over with element of closure against the Gbetiokun panel southern bounding fault. This is a major fault with throws greater than 1000 feet and is considered to have significant seal potential.

Given success at Gbetiokun in the shallow D5.0 to D7.4, the reservoirs in Dudu Town East will be an attractive satellite prospect for the Gbetiokun development.


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