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Production from the Opuama oilfield in OML 40 restarted in February 2014. The Company and its partners have since dedicated significant resources to growing this world-class asset base.

Type: Oil reserve

Production: 22,000 bopd (February 2018)

Discovered: 1972

Gross 2P: 45.4 mmbbls

Location: 92km NW of Warri

Reservoir Depth: 7,600–8,900ft

OML 40 was awarded to SPDC in 1962; the Opuama field was in production from 1975 until 2006 and during that period produced 43.4 mmbbls. In 2006, SPDC undertook a controlled shut down of OML 40, with Elcrest Exploration & Production Nigeria Limited subsequently purchasing a 45% interest in the OML 40 licence in September 2012.

The Opuama field was returned to production in February 2014 with the Opuama-1 well. Further infill wells were completed on Opuama-3, Opuama-7, Opuama-8 and Opuama-9 between April 2016 and April 2018.

Reservoir Characteristics

The reservoirs contain light crudes with API gravities ranging from 47.5° in the shallow reservoirs to 37.8° in the deep and saturated reservoirs. There has been very little pressure depletion over the 30 plus years of production, which indicates a strong aquifer support and consequently leading to very high total ultimate oil recoveries.

Infrastructure and Export

Oil can be exported by two routes: (i) via the Shell-operated Trans Escravos Pipeline network running from the Opuama field south along the coastline to the Forcados Oil Terminal, (ii) via shipping to an offshore FPSO.


We are currently drilling a workover on Opuama-9 and will follow this up with Opuama-10 and Opuama-11.

The Opuama-7 sidetrack completed in November 2017 and proved to be an excellent well, delivering initial production rates some 25% ahead of pre-drill expectations at a cost of $14.1 million.

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Opuama-8 was the first new well to have been drilled in the Opuama field since 1980, and resulted in another success with initial flow rates in excess of 6,500 bopd.

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Opuama-9 is located on the north western flank of the field, on a separate structural culmination to that on which wells Opuama-1, 7-ST and 8 are located.

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Opuama-10 is located on the structural high identified to the north of Opuama-7 ST and is expected to encounter all reservoirs from C3000 to D5000 in a crestal, or near-crestal, location.

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