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The Opuama field was the focus for development operations in 2018, resulting in the successful delivery of four new development wells tied into the existing flow station.

Gross 2018 production: 6.5 million barrels

2018 exit rate production: 29,422 bopd 

Gross 2P reserves: 44.1 million barrels*

*Source: Netherland Sewell & Associates Competent Person's Report of December 2018

As a result of an intense activity programme, production through the flow station rose from a 2017 exit rate of 18,500 bopd to 29,422 bopd gross at the end of 2018, peaking at over 30,000 bopd in November 2018. Opuama was actively developed through 2018 with the drilling of four new wells and work to improve the uptime and capacity of the flow station.

In 2019, with the OES Teamwork drill rig deployed on other projects within OML 40 such as Gbetiokun and Amobe, the Opuama focus will be on reservoir management ranging from incorporation of recent drill well results into subsurface models, production monitoring, well optimisation and the identification of further opportunities to increase overall recovery. Production adding interventions are being actively assessed with opportunities provisionally identified for Opuama-1, Opuama-7 and Opuama-9. Improvements in water separation capacity and a produced water re-injection project will ensure that the flow station is equipped to maximise production from the well stock and export fluids in a safe and efficient manner. Further new well drilling is also being planned for the end of 2019 (Opuama-12 and -13) with preliminary objectives selected for two additional wells.

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