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Opuama-7 Sidetrack

Opuama-7 Sidetrack

The Opuama-7 sidetrack completed in November 2017 and proved to be an excellent well, delivering initial production rates some 25% ahead of pre-drill expectations at a cost of $14.1 million.

p24 OP7 cross section.png

Eland originally planned to re-enter Opuama-7 and drill a horizontal sidetrack in the D2000 reservoir. However, the recompletion of well Opuama-3 in 2016 demonstrated that vertical wells could provide high flow rates from the D1000 and D2000 reservoirs. It was therefore decided to abandon well Opuama-7 and drill a near-vertical sidetrack (Opuama-7 ST) a short distance to the north of the original well, in a location where interpretation of seismic data indicated both the D1000 and D2000 reservoirs were present. The initial production rate from the D1000 and D2000 reservoirs was forecast to be about 6,000 bopd gross.


The OES Teamwork drilling rig was used to drill the Opuama-7ST sidetrack. The sidetrack encountered both the D1000 and D2000 reservoirs. Both reservoirs are of excellent quality, although their thickness was lower than forecast due to faulting. However, both reservoirs were encountered at shallower depths than was predicted and structural interpretation indicated the presence of a previously unrecognised structural high immediately to the north of the sidetrack.

Opuama-7 ST was completed in the D2000 reservoir and was brought into production at an initial rate of 7,500 bopd. The potential exists to complete the D1000 reservoir at a future date, helping to maintain production. At a cost of $14.1 million, the payback on the well was 65 days.

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