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Opuama 8

Opuama 8

Opuama-8 was the first new well to have been drilled in the Opuama field since 1980, and resulted in another success with initial flow rates in excess of 6,500 bopd.

p26 OP1 and OP8 cross section.png

The well was located to the south of Opuama-1 and was expected to penetrate the undeveloped D3500 and D4000 reservoirs, and the D5000 reservoir in a near-crestal location. The initial production rate was forecast to be between 5,000 and 7,000 bopd from two reservoirs.


The OES Team Work [rig] was used to drill well Opuama-8. The well encountered oil in six reservoirs, which included the shallow ā€˜Cā€™ reservoirs, the first time oil had been discovered in this location. The depths of the D3500, D4000 and D5000 reservoirs were deep to prognosis but these reservoirs have still yielded excellent initial production rates (over 3,500 bopd from the D3500; 2,800 bopd from the D4000 and 2,800 bopd from the D5000). The well is currently producing from the D3500 and D4000 reservoirs whilst the D5000 will be produced at a future date, helping to maintain production.

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