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Opuama-9 achieved initial flow rates of 7,000 bopd in July 2018


p27 OP8 and OP9 cross section.png

Opuama-9 is located on the north western flank of the field, on a separate structural culmination to that on which wells Opuama-1, 7-ST and 8 are located.

The primary target is the D1000 reservoir, with secondary potential in the D2000 reservoir (if un-swept) and D5000 reservoir (if shallow to prognosis). Drilling operations have commenced and the initial production rate from the D1000 is forecast to be between 4,000 and 6,000 bopd.

Opuama-9 also has important exploration and appraisal objectives. In terms of exploration, it will penetrate the thick, excellent quality, shallow ‘C’ reservoirs in a near-crestal location, determining if these contain oil. (The results of Opuama-8, which found oil in the C2000 reservoir for the first time provide encouragement in this respect.) In terms of appraisal, the well will provide important information on the depth and thickness of the D5000 reservoir on the north-west flank of the field, allowing us to assess the volume of oil initially in place (‘OIIP’) more accurately. It will also provide information of fault transmissivity and hence on drainage efficiency.

Operational constraints permitting, it is planned to deepen Opuama-9 to the E2000 reservoir to determine the current depths of the gas-oil and oil-water contacts in the E2000 reservoir, thereby allowing the merits of a future E2000 horizontal production well to be evaluated and such a well to be planned.

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