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The Ubima development represents diversification for Eland towards production outside OML 40.

In August 2018 Eland successfully undertook a re-entry on the 1963 Ubima-1 discovery well, running a dual string completion over four intervals. 

Well testing operations have gathered important fluid, pressure and production flow information from these intervals and Eland is now actively working with its partner to further evaluate the field by means of an extended well test in H1 2019 with production monetised through third-party infrastructure. 

Full field development planning is in its early stages, but Eland envisages a phased approach, with
horizontal wells initially produced through an Early Production System evacuating production via trucking and subsequently through a permanent production facility and evacuation by pipeline to nearby infrastructure.

Reservoir characterisation, taking into account data obtained from the 2018 the Ubima-1 well re-entry, will be updated during 2019. Based on the Ubima-1 well data, NSAI’s CPR assessment* of gross reserves is 6.2 mmstb (1P) – 9.3 mmstb (2P) – 13.1 mmstb (3P). These reserves are located principally in the E1000/E2000 reservoirs which are the focus for development planning.

*Source: Netherland Sewell & Associates Competent Person's Report of December 2018

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