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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Video: 2019 Community Programme

A report from Eland’s joint-venture subsidiary, Elcrest Exploration and Production Nigeria Ltd.

At Elcrest our commitment to our employees and communities drives the design of our corporate goals and values because we recognise that our success is contingent upon the well-being of our workforce and host communities. We deliberately strive to strengthen and sustain these partnerships through consistent creation and delivery of sustainable value.

Our people

We strive to optimise the strengths from our diversity and ensure the development and enhancement of employees’ productivity through regular training, administration of an efficient safety culture, and enforcement of an agile and responsive welfare system.

2018 Highlights

  • Workforce of 136
  • Flexi working hours
  • Comprehensive health coverage 
  • Monthly health awareness programme
  • 1,000 training man-hours

Our communities

Ensuring a sustainable and worthwhile heritage

At Elcrest, we understand that efficient operations can only be sustained when our host communities are co-partners in the development and implementation of each project. Through consistent engagements and execution of targeted, sustainable community projects as identified by key representatives of the communities, deliberate effort is made to work with these communities to drive peaceful coexistence within our field locations.

2018 Highlights

  • Over 80 negotiation meetings
  • Over 190 ad-hoc engagements
  • 10 meetings with Government
  • Stakeholders on community matters/issues

Community Engagements

With regular ‘on the spot’ interactive sessions, scheduled monthly and quarterly town hall meetings, and feedback and conflict resolution conferences, we strive to ensure inclusiveness and transparency as we collaborate with our communities to drive mutually beneficial interests.

Health Care

To facilitate medical coverage within our communities, in conjunction with our JV partner, a fit-for-purpose cottage hospital was designed and constructed at Opuama. Efforts are presently ongoing to equip the facility and hand over to the government and community for utilisation. In addition, a review of the medical needs of the Tsekelewu and Opuama communities was conducted and a follow-up medical outreach programme covering both primary and secondary health care interventions is to be implemented in 2019.


Elcrest appreciates that the future of Nigeria lies in the potential of its youths and focuses on investing in the education of children whose parents are unable to self-fund the academic needs of their progenies. In collaboration with our JV Partner, NPDC, scholarships were awarded to eight youths under the secondary and tertiary scholarship programme for the communities. Furthermore, educational materials, including but not limited to notebooks and stationery, were distributed to students in our host communities.


To bridge the infrastructural gaps within our host communities, in alliance with our JV Partner, NPDC, Elcrest embarked on the implementation of key projects. These projects were awarded to community contractors such as the construction of a jetty at Opuama Zion, a 400 metre elevated concrete walkway at Tsekelewu, and potable water boreholes at Tsekelewu and Opuama.

In addition, two 500 KVA generating sets were procured towards a planned electrification project expected to provide power to Opuama and Tsekelewu communities. Local contractors will also be awarded contracts for the supply of spare parts, associated operations, and maintenance services once the project comes on stream in 2019.

Capacity Development and Skills Acquisition

Elcrest, in conjunction with its JV Partner, trained a total of 60 youths in welding and fabrication, motor maintenance and repairs, and fashion designing, and subsequently invested in starter packs to facilitate seamless commencement of individual small-scale businesses.


Our drilling and  and facilities development activities led to the employment of over 250 youths, directly and indirectly through a contracting and procurement strategy that was purposefully designed to facilitate the award of contracts to community vendors and suppliers within Opuama and Tsekelewu. 


We believe that community participation in the tendering and contracting activities of our company provides compelling evidence of our desire to partner with the host communities and foster lasting relationships through trust, transparency and honesty. Elcrest, in conjunction with its JV Partner, supported local communities through awarding 18 community contracts in support of its drilling and facilities activities in 2018.

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Taxes and Royalties

As a responsible corporate organisation, we focus on internal control and compliance as it relates to all financial requirements of the host government. This stems from our understanding of the critical place of taxes and fees in the economic well-being of the host country, since a substantial part of its budgetary funding is contingent on its oil revenue. Eland’s principle of transparency and accountability ensures full disclosure on tax related matters in line with statutory obligations.

2018 Highlights

• Payment of taxes and royalties due
• Payment of all payee taxes

Community Integration & Donations

Strong relationships are driven by mutual respect and recognition of core cultural values of contractual parties. That is why we take pride in participating in the festivals and events of our host communities through donations and endowments, as was effected in Opuama and Tsekelewu.